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A3330 is a study on syndrome differentiation for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) by some novel methods. The study was performed in six different cities in China, which were randomly selected. The manuscript was received on 2012-08-08, finished the second correction on 2012-08-31. The article was accepted on 2012-09-10.

A3330 是一篇关于胃食管反流病(GERD)的辨证分型的论文。辨证分型基于随机在中国六个不同地区的临床流行病学调查,并采用一些新的数理研究方法对资料予以分析。收稿日期 2012-08-08, 二校稿完成于 2012-08-31. 录用日期2012-09-10.